1-1 Common law of the State; exceptions
1-2 Certain laws not obligatory until published
1-3 Laws not retrospective
1-4 Persons and property subject to laws
1-4.5 Cession of concurrent jurisdiction
1-5 Contracts in contravention of law
1-6 Prohibitory law, effect
1-7 Repeal of laws
1-8 No revivor on repeal; exception
1-9 Express or implied repeals
1-10 Effect of repeal on accrued rights
1-11 Effect of repeal on pending suit or prosecution
1-12 Application of statutory construction provisions
1-13 Official languages
1-13.5 Hawaiian language; spelling
1-14 Words have usual meaning
1-15 Construction of ambiguous context
1-16 Laws in pari materia
1-17 Number and gender
1-18 “Or”, “and”
1-19 “Person”, “others”, “any”, etc.
1-20 “Month”, “year”
1-21 “Oath”
1-22 “County”
1-23 Severability
1-24 Interpretation of uniform acts
1-25 References apply to amendments
1-26 References inclusive
1-27 Citations of laws included in supplements and replacement volumes
1-28 Service of notice by mail
1-28.5 Publication of notice
1-29 Computation of time
1-30 Hawaiian standard time applicable
1-31 Hawaiian standard time; definition; observance
1-32 Acts to be done on holidays