463-1 Definitions
463-2 Board of private detectives and guards; appointment; qualifications; term
463-3 Policy; powers and duties
463-4 Procedure in appeal of denial of licensure, revocation, or suspension of licenses
463-5 Private detectives and detective agencies; license required
463-6 Private detectives and detective agencies; qualifications for license
463-7 Guard and guard agencies; license required
463-8 Principal guards and guard agencies; qualifications for license
463-8.5 Guards; concurrent employment
463-9 Form of application for license or registration
463-10 Licenses; fees; biennial renewal of licenses; inactive license
463-10.5 Guards; registration, instruction, training, testing, and continuing education required; renewal of registration
463-11 Association with government not to be implied
463-12 Bond
463-13 Exemptions
463-14 Contingent fee
463-15 Penalties
463-17 Provisions severable