R. 5N-1.100 Organization
R. 5N-1.113 Disciplinary Guidelines; Range of Penalties; Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstances
R. 5N-1.116 Insurance; Fees
R. 5N-1.119 Credit for Relevant Military Training and Education
R. 5N-1.120 Filing of Application; Temporary Authority for Out-of-State Licensees During Declared Emergencies
R. 5N-1.121 Reciprocity
R. 5N-1.124 Prohibited Activities and Requirements
R. 5N-1.129 Ammunition
R. 5N-1.130 Firearms
R. 5N-1.131 Approval of Other Firearms
R. 5N-1.132 Firearms Training
R. 5N-1.134 Schools or Training Facilities, License Application; Exemptions
R. 5N-1.138 School Staff; Licensing Requirements; Standards
R. 5N-1.140 Security Officer, Recovery Agent and Private Investigative Intern School Curriculum; Examinations; Retention of Records