571-21 Complaint; investigation; petition
571-22 Waiver of jurisdiction; transfer to other courts
571-22.5 Appeal of waiver of jurisdiction
571-23 Summons; notice; custody of minor
571-24 Failure to answer summons; warrants

Terms Used In Hawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 571 > Part III

  • Adult: means a person eighteen years of age or older. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 571-2
  • Court: means one of the family courts as herein established. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 571-2
  • Informal adjustment: means the effort by intake officers, the courts, or others to provide a child referred to them or brought before them, and where appropriate that child's family, opportunity and aid before and in lieu of formally processing the child under this chapter. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 571-2
  • Judge: means judge of the family court. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 571-2
  • minor: means a person less than eighteen years of age. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 571-2
  • Probation: means a legal status created by court order following adjudication in a case involving a violation of law whereby a minor is permitted to remain in the minor's home or in a community residential or nonresidential program subject to supervision by the court or an agency designated by the court and subject to return to the court for violation of probation at any time during the period of probation. See Hawaii Revised Statutes 571-2