(1) A hotelkeeper shall have the right to evict a guest who has failed to pay his hotel bill when due. Before such eviction may occur, demand for payment of the bill must be made and the guest must be requested to leave if the bill is not paid. If the guest fails to pay the bill after such demand, the hotelkeeper may evict such guest by locking the door to his room, removing said guest’s baggage and other personal property, or by any other peaceful means. The hotel shall have the right to hold said baggage and other property as hereinafter provided.
(2)  A hotelkeeper also shall have the right to evict a person, whether or not such person is [a] guest of the hotel, who:
(a)  Is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating substances;
(b)  Is disorderly so as to disturb the peace of other guests;
(c)  Seeks to use the hotel for any unlawful purpose;
(d)  Seeks to bring property into the hotel which may be dangerous to other persons (such as firearms, explosives or hazardous or toxic substances) or the possession of which by such person is unlawful;
(e)  Destroys, damages or defaces property of the hotel or its guests or threatens to do so;
(f)  Would cause or permit any hotel room to exceed its maximum allowable occupancy as established by the hotelkeeper; or
(g)  Refuses to abide by reasonable standards or policies established by the hotelkeeper for operation and management of the hotel.