The board shall have the following powers and duties:
(a)  To determine the qualifications of persons applying for licenses under this chapter;

Terms Used In Idaho Code 54-3309

  • Board: means the state board of denturitry. See Idaho Code 54-3303
  • Practice of denturitry: means :
Idaho Code 54-3303
  • Subpoena: A command to a witness to appear and give testimony.
  • (b)  To prescribe, administer and determine examinations and a passing grade for licenses under this chapter;
    (c)  To collect and adjust fees and charges prescribed in this chapter to cover the operating expenses of the board as may become necessary from time to time;
    (d)  To issue licenses for the practice of denturitry under the conditions prescribed in this chapter;
    (e)  To revoke or suspend denturists’ licenses in the manner prescribed by this chapter;
    (f)  To administer oaths and subpoena witnesses for the purpose of carrying out the activities authorized under this chapter;
    (g)  To make rules and regulations pursuant to chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, to carry out the intents and purposes of this chapter;
    (h)  To appoint committees and chairpersons and to delegate responsibilities to them as the need arises from time to time;
    (i)  To authorize, by written agreement, the bureau of occupational licenses to act as agent in its interest.