37-502 Inspections of Dairy Product Establishments
37-503 Licenses — Retail Vendor Excepted — Fees — Posting — Definitions
37-504 Licenses — Duration and Revocation
37-505 Reports of Licensees
37-506 Method of Testing Milk and Cream
37-507 Statement of Milk or Cream Purchased
37-509 Penalty for Violations
37-510 Retention of Tested Samples
37-511 Tester’s and Grader’s License — Examination — Licensee’s Substitute
37-512 Testing and Grading When Purchase-Price Based On Milk Fat or Butter Fat Content
37-513 False Tests — Evidence
37-514 Testing Without License — Separate Offenses
37-515 Fees and Fines — Disposition
37-516 Rules for Administration — “department” Defined

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Idaho Code 73-114
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