54-601 Purposes of the Act
54-602 Podiatry Defined
54-603 License a Prerequisite to Practice
54-604 Establishment of State Board of Podiatry
54-605 Powers and Duties of State Board of Podiatry
54-606 State Board of Podiatry — Examination for Licenses
54-607 Licenses — Issuance — Renewals — Display
54-608 Grounds for Suspension, Denial, Refusal to Renew or Revocation of License
54-609 Unprofessional or Dishonorable Conduct Justifying Suspension or Revocation of License Defined
54-610 Proceedings for Suspension, Revocation or Other Discipline of License
54-611 Judicial Review of Proceedings of the Board Revoking or Suspending License
54-612 Examination Not Required of Licensed Persons
54-613 License by Endorsement
54-614 Practice Without a License a Misdemeanor
54-615 Moneys Deposited in the State Treasury