(a) The Educational Coordinator shall be responsible for the overall planning, development and operation of the educational training of clients of the Program and the hiring and supervision of instructors for the Program.
     (b) The Counselor Supervisor shall be responsible for the hiring and supervision of counselors for the Program and for initially meeting with new clients of the Program.
     (c) The Program Psychologist shall be responsible for conducting an educational and psychological evaluation of all clients upon their entering the Program and upon his receiving requests for such evaluations from the Educational Coordinator or Counselor Supervisor, and for making recommendations to educational or counseling personnel based upon those evaluations.
     (d) The Administrator shall be responsible for supervising the daily business affairs of the Program, including but not limited to the hiring and management of clerical personnel, the maintenance of all records, books and accounts of the Program, and the procurement of office and other necessary space, supplies and equipment.