Each of the following acts or practices is unlawful when committed by a motor vehicle repair facility:
        (1) Advertising in a false, deceptive, or misleading
        (2) Charging a consumer for parts not delivered or
installed or a labor operation or repair procedure that has not actually been performed.
        (3) Unauthorized operation of a consumer's vehicle
for purposes not related to repair or diagnosis.
        (4) Failing or refusing at the time of sale to
provide a consumer, upon request, a copy, at no charge, of any document signed by the consumer.
        (5) Retaining duplicative payment from both the
consumer and the warranty or extended service contract provider for the same covered component, part, or labor.
        (6) Charging a consumer for unnecessary repairs. For
purposes of this paragraph, "unnecessary repairs" means those repairs for which there is no reasonable basis for performing the service. A reasonable basis includes: (i) that the repair service is consistent with specifications established by law or the manufacturer of the motor vehicle, component, or part; (ii) that the repair is in accordance with usual and customary practices; (iii) that the repair was performed at the specific request of the consumer after the technician disclosed to the consumer the basis for recommending the repair when the recommendation is not in accordance with manufacturer specifications or accepted trade practices; or (iv) that the repair is at the consumer's request.
        (7) Misrepresenting the terms of a warranty,
guarantee, or service agreement.
        (8) Altering a motor vehicle to create a condition
requiring repair.
        (9) Failing to honor a warranty, guarantee, or
service agreement to which the motor vehicle repair facility is a party.
        (10) Charging or receiving payment for repairs not
authorized by the consumer under Section 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, or 60.

Terms Used In Illinois Compiled Statutes 815 ILCS 306/80

  • Contract: A legal written agreement that becomes binding when signed.