§ 701 Definitions
§ 702 Application
§ 703 Notice of Error and Response
§ 704 Permissible Procedures by Creditor
§ 705 Statement to Contain Instructions for Notification of Error
§ 706 Notice to Consumer of This Act
§ 707 Penalties

Terms Used In New York Laws > General Business > Article 34

  • Billing error: means the initial occurrence of an error by omission or commission by the creditor in a billing statement given to the consumer by the creditor in (a) posting any debit or credit or (b) the computation of any amount or (c) any similar error of an accounting nature or (d) posting any debit for goods which were not received by the consumer as required by the provisions of subdivision fourteen of section four hundred thirteen of the personal property law. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1965
  • Consumer: means a natural person. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1965
  • Consumer credit: means credit extended to a consumer, primarily for personal, family or household purposes, pursuant to a plan under which the creditor may permit the consumer to make purchases or obtain loans, from time to time, directly from the creditor or indirectly by use of a credit card, check or other device, as the plan may provide. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1965
  • Creditor: means a person, partnership, corporation, association or other entity who, in the ordinary course of business, regularly extends consumer credit. See N.Y. Public Authorities Law 1965