§ 725 ILCS 202/1 Short title
§ 725 ILCS 202/5 Definitions
§ 725 ILCS 202/10 Submission of evidence
§ 725 ILCS 202/15 Analysis of evidence; notification
§ 725 ILCS 202/20 Inventory of evidence
§ 725 ILCS 202/25 Failure of a law enforcement agency to submit the sexual assault evidence
§ 725 ILCS 202/30 Required certification.Each submission of sexual assault evidence …
§ 725 ILCS 202/35 Expungement
§ 725 ILCS 202/40 Failure to expunge
§ 725 ILCS 202/42 Reporting
§ 725 ILCS 202/45 Rules
§ 725 ILCS 202/50 Sexual assault evidence tracking system
§ 725 ILCS 202/99 Effective date

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  • Asset forfeiture: A procedure by which a person's property is seized to pay judgments levied by the court.
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