Sec. 8. (a) Except as provided in subsection (c), a local health officer shall provide a certification of birth, death, or stillbirth registration upon request by any person only if:

(1) the health officer is satisfied that the applicant has a direct interest in the matter;

Terms Used In Indiana Code 16-37-1-8

(2) the health officer determines that the certificate is necessary for the determination of personal or property rights or for compliance with state or federal law; and

(3) the applicant for a birth certificate presents at least one (1) form of identification.

However, the local health officer must issue a certificate of an applicant’s own birth registration.

     (b) A local health officer’s decision whether or not to issue a certified copy of a birth certificate is subject to review by a court.

     (c) A local health officer may not issue a copy of a birth certificate of a missing child to which a notice has been attached under IC 10-13-5-11 without the authorization of the Indiana clearinghouse for information on missing children and missing endangered adults.

     (d) Upon determination that a person may be provided a certification of death under subsection (a), the local health officer shall provide to the person a certification of death that excludes information concerning the cause of death if the person requests the exclusion of this information.

[Pre-1993 Recodification Citations: 16-1-16-18(a) part, (c), (d); 16-1-19-1.]

As added by P.L.2-1993, SEC.20. Amended by P.L.2-2003, SEC.55; P.L.123-2007, SEC.1; P.L.43-2009, SEC.16.