Article 18 General Provisions and Definitions
Article 19 State Department of Health
Article 20 Local Health Departments
Article 21 Hospitals
Article 22 County Hospitals
Article 23 Municipal and Other Types of Hospitals
Article 23.5 Medical Centers; Indiana University Hospitals
Article 24 Tuberculosis Hospitals
Article 24.5 Other Health Care Facilities
Article 25 Hospice Programs
Article 26 Maternity Homes
Article 27 Home Health Agencies
Article 28 Health Facilities
Article 28.5 Housing With Services Establishment
Article 29 Limitations On Various Health Service Beds
Article 30 Health Planning
Article 31 Emergency Medical Services
Article 31.5 Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact
Article 32 Persons With Disabilities
Article 33 Special Institutions
Article 34 Abortion
Article 34.5 Cloning
Article 35 Children’s Health
Article 36 Medical Consent
Article 37 Vital Statistics
Article 38 Health Registries
Article 39 Health Records
Article 40 Other Reporting Requirements
Article 41 Public Health Measures for the Prevention and Control of Disease
Article 42 Regulation of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics
Article 44 Product Labeling and Inspection
Article 45 Federal Aid for Health Programs
Article 46 State Health Grants and Programs
Article 47 Aggregate Purchasing of Prescription Drugs
Article 48 Other Health Care Providers and Services
Article 49 Child Fatality Reviews
Article 49.5 Suicide and Overdose Fatality Review Teams
Article 50 Maternal Mortality Review
Article 51 Health Care Requirements
Article 52 Temporary Health Care Services Agencies

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