Sec. 1. The state board of trustees may do the following:

(1) Establish campuses and service areas, taking into consideration, but not limited to, factors such as population, potential enrollment, tax bases, and driving distances, and develop an overall state plan that provides for all parts of Indiana being a coordinated system providing a comprehensive program of post-high school general, liberal arts, occupational, and technical education.

Terms Used In Indiana Code 21-22-6-1

(2) Whenever a campus is established, issue a charter, in a form that the state board of trustees provides, to the campus, assist and supervise the development of a plan, and coordinate workforce aligned programs to avoid unnecessary and wasteful duplication.

(3) Make biennial studies of the budget requirements of the campuses and of its own programs and prepare a budget, including anticipated revenues and providing for the construction or rental of facilities requisite to carrying out the needs of Ivy Tech Community College.

(4) Perform or contract for the performance of periodic audits of the financial records of each campus.

[Pre-2007 Higher Education Recodification Citation: 20-12-61-9 part.]

As added by P.L.2-2007, SEC.263. Amended by P.L.169-2007, SEC.17; P.L.174-2018, SEC.18.