Sec. 13. (a) Subject to subsection (b), an employee of a chiropractor licensed under this article may perform an act, duty, or function that is within the specific scope of practice of the employing chiropractor, if the act, duty, or function is:

(1) performed under the direction and supervision of the employing chiropractor; and

(2) reported to the employing chiropractor.

     (b) An employee of a chiropractor who is not licensed as a chiropractor or a physician may not:

(1) make a diagnosis or prescribe a treatment; or

(2) manipulate, adjust, or mobilize the spinal column or vertebral column of an individual.

Terms Used In Indiana Code 25-10-1-13

  • Chiropractor: means any person who is qualified under this chapter to practice the science of chiropractic. See Indiana Code 25-10-1-1

     (c) This section does not grant the employee of a chiropractor independent practitioner status or the authority to perform patient services in an independent practice.

As added by P.L.244-1985, SEC.1.