Sec. 5.5. A watcher appointed under this chapter is entitled to do the following:

(1) Enter the polls at least thirty (30) minutes before the opening of the polls and remain there throughout election day until all tabulations have been completed.

(2) Inspect the paper ballot boxes, ballot card voting system, or electronic voting system before votes have been cast.

(3) Inspect the work being done by any precinct election officer (except when a precinct election officer enters a confidential login or password to obtain access to an electronic poll book or to operate a voting system).

(4) Enter, leave, and reenter the polls at any time on election day.

(5) Witness the calling and recording of the votes and any other proceedings of the precinct election officers in the performance of official duties.

(6) Receive a summary of the vote prepared under IC 3-12-2-15, IC 3-12-3-2, IC 3-12-3-11, or IC 3-12-3.5-3, signed by the precinct election board, providing the names of all candidates and the number of votes cast for each candidate and the votes cast for or against a public question.

(7) Accompany the inspector and the judge in delivering the tabulation and the election returns to the county election board by the most direct route.

(8) Be present when the inspector takes a receipt for the tabulation and the election returns delivered to the county election board.

As added by P.L.14-2004, SEC.16. Amended by P.L.221-2005, SEC.13; P.L.169-2015, SEC.14.