Sec. 2. (a) A remonstrance against the establishment of an authority may be made by petition of the registered voters of the district. The petition must be in writing, must bear the signature, date, and address of residence of the remonstrator, and must be filed in the office of the circuit court clerk of the county containing the greatest percentage of population of the district not later than thirty (30) days following the adoption of the ordinance. If at least the number of the registered voters of the district required under IC 3-8-6-3 to place a candidate on the ballot, as certified by the clerk, remonstrate, the clerk shall certify the question under IC 3-10-9 to the county election board of each county in which the district is located. The question of the establishment of an authority shall be submitted to the voters of the district at the next primary or general election at which the question can be placed on the ballot under IC 3-10-9-3. The question shall be placed on the ballot in the form prescribed by IC 3-10-9-4 and must state: “Shall the airport authority be established?”.

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(b) Upon certification by the clerk that a remonstrance was not filed by the required number of registered voters and in the time and manner provided, or that the question was submitted to the voters and received the affirmative vote of a majority of those voting upon the question, the authority is established effective as of the next January 1 or July 1 following the certification, whichever date is earlier. The certification by the clerk shall be submitted to the fiscal body of each entity adopting the ordinance or resolution under section 1 of this chapter.

[Pre-Local Government Recodification Citations: 19-6-2-2 part; 19-6-3.5-3 part.]

As added by Acts 1980, P.L.8, SEC.73. Amended by P.L.10-1988, SEC.218; P.L.12-1995, SEC.105.