Article 1 Utilities Generally
Article 1.5 Municipal Utilities
Article 2 Regulation of Carriers Generally
Article 2.1 Motor Carrier Regulation
Article 3 Railroads Generally
Article 4 Organization and Operation of Railroads
Article 4.5 Transportation Corridor Planning
Article 5 Commuter Railways
Article 6 Railroad Crossings
Article 8 Railroad Equipment
Article 9 Railroad Labor
Article 9.5 Transportation Agencies
Article 10 Ports
Article 14 Highway Finances
Article 14.5 Lease Financing for Transportation Systems
Article 15 Toll Roads
Article 15.5 Public-Private Agreements for Toll Road Projects
Article 15.7 Public-Private Partnerships
Article 16 Bridges and Tunnels
Article 17 County Roads?Administration and Maintenance
Article 18 County Roads?Financing and Bonding
Article 19 County Road Petitions and Assessments
Article 20 County Roads?Location and Eminent Domain
Article 21 Aeronautics
Article 22 Airports
Article 23 Indiana Department of Transportation
Article 25 Central Indiana Public Transportation Projects