Article 0.5 Uniform Business Organizations Code
Article 0.6 Uniform Business Organization Transactions Act
Article 1 Indiana Business Corporation Law
Article 1.3 Benefit Corporations
Article 1.5 Professional Corporations
Article 2 Securities and Franchises
Article 2.5 Loan Brokers
Article 4 Partnerships
Article 5 Other Business Associations
Article 6 Public Corporations and Associations
Article 7 General Civil or Charitable Corporations
Article 10 Fraternal and Other Similar Associations
Article 13 Educational Institutions
Article 14 Cemetery Associations
Article 15 Miscellaneous Provisions
Article 16 Limited Partnerships
Article 17 Nonprofit Corporations
Article 18 Limited Liability Companies
Article 18.1 Series Limited Liability Companies
Article 19 Indiana Uniform Securities Act
Article 20 Victims of Securities Violations