§ 25-10-2-1 “Chiropractic management consultant” defined
§ 25-10-2-2 Board powers; rules; registration fees
§ 25-10-2-3 Rules for registration and regulation; inclusions
§ 25-10-2-4 Registration forms
§ 25-10-2-5 Registration fee

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 25 > Article 10 > Chapter 2

  • Board: means the board of chiropractic examiners under section 1. See Indiana Code 25-10-1-1
  • Chiropractic: means the examination, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of human ailments and conditions of any interference with normal nerve transmission and expression, the procedure preparatory to and complementary to the correction thereof by an adjustment or manipulation of the articulations of the vertebral column, its immediate articulation, including other incidental means of adjustments of the spinal column, extremities, and musculoskeletal soft tissues of the body without the use of prescription drugs or surgery. See Indiana Code 25-10-1-1
  • chiropractic management consultant: means any person doing business in Indiana for the purpose of offering consulting services to chiropractors regarding the administration and operation of their practice. See Indiana Code 25-10-2-1