Chapter 1 Proceeding as an Indigent Person
Chapter 2 Annulling Leave to Proceed as an Indigent Person

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 34 > Article 10

  • authority: refers to the Indiana finance authority established by Indiana Code 5-1-16.5-7
  • bond resolution: means the resolution or resolutions and the trust agreement, if any, authorizing or providing for the terms and conditions applicable to bonds issued under this chapter. See Indiana Code 5-1-16.5-9
  • bonds: means revenue bonds, notes, bond anticipation notes, or other obligations of the authority issued under this chapter, including refunding bonds, notes, bond anticipation notes, or other obligations. See Indiana Code 5-1-16.5-8
  • liability: means legal liability for damages (including costs of defense, legal costs and fees, and other claims for expenses) because of injuries to other persons or entities, damage to the property or business of other persons or entities, or other damage or loss to such other persons or entities resulting from or arising out of any activity of an eligible member. See Indiana Code 5-1-16.5-13
  • project: means :

    Indiana Code 5-1-16.5-16

  • revenues: means with respect to any project the rents, fees, charges, and other income or profit derived from the project. See Indiana Code 5-1-16.5-18
  • risk retention group: means a trust, pool, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or joint venture funded by and owned and operated for the benefit of more than one (1) eligible member. See Indiana Code 5-1-16.5-19