Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter to the contrary, the following areas are exempt from the prohibitions of section 142D.3:
 1. Private residences, unless used as a child care facility, child care home, or a health care provider location.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 142D.4

  • Bar: means an establishment where one may purchase alcoholic beverages, as defined in section 123. See Iowa Code 142D.2
  • Child: includes child by adoption. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • Employer: means a person including a sole proprietorship, partnership, joint venture, corporation, association, or other business entity whether for-profit or not-for-profit, including state government and its political subdivisions, that employs the services of one or more individuals as employees. See Iowa Code 142D.2
  • Enclosed area: means all space between a floor and ceiling that is contained on all sides by solid walls or windows, exclusive of doorways, which extend from the floor to the ceiling. See Iowa Code 142D.2
  • following: when used by way of reference to a chapter or other part of a statute mean the next preceding or next following chapter or other part. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • Health care provider location: means an office or institution providing care or treatment of disease, whether physical, mental, or emotional, or other medical, physiological, or psychological conditions, including but not limited to a hospital as defined in section 135B. See Iowa Code 142D.2
  • person: means individual, corporation, limited liability company, government or governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership or association, or any other legal entity. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • Place of employment: means an area under the control of an employer and includes all areas that an employee frequents during the course of employment or volunteering, including but not limited to work areas, private offices, conference and meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, employee lounges and cafeterias, hallways, medical facilities, restrooms, elevators, stairways and stairwells, and vehicles owned, leased, or provided by the employer unless otherwise provided under this chapter. See Iowa Code 142D.2
  • Public place: means an enclosed area to which the public is invited or in which the public is permitted, including common areas, and including but not limited to all of the following:
  • Restaurant: means eating establishments, including private and public school cafeterias, which offer food to the public, guests, or employees, including the kitchen and catering facilities in which food is prepared on the premises for serving elsewhere, and including a bar area within a restaurant. See Iowa Code 142D.2
  • Smoking: means inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other tobacco product in any manner or in any form. See Iowa Code 142D.2
 2. Hotel and motel rooms that are rented to guests and are designated as smoking rooms; provided that not more than twenty percent of the rooms of a hotel or motel rented to guests are designated as smoking rooms, all smoking rooms on the same floor are contiguous, and smoke from smoking rooms does not infiltrate into areas in which smoking is otherwise prohibited under this chapter. The status of smoking and nonsmoking rooms shall not be changed, except to provide additional nonsmoking rooms.
 3. Retail tobacco stores, provided that smoke from these locations does not infiltrate into areas in which smoking is otherwise prohibited under this chapter.
 4. Private and semiprivate rooms in long-term care facilities, occupied by one or more individuals, all of whom are smokers and have requested in writing to be placed in a room where smoking is permitted, provided that smoke from these locations does not infiltrate into areas in which smoking is otherwise prohibited under this chapter.
 5. Private clubs that have no employees, except when being used for a function to which the general public is invited, provided that smoke from these locations does not infiltrate into areas in which smoking is otherwise prohibited under this chapter. This exemption shall not apply to any entity that is established for the purpose of avoiding compliance with this chapter.
 6. Outdoor areas that are places of employment except those areas where smoking is prohibited pursuant to section 142D.3, subsection 2.
 7. Limousines under private hire; vehicles owned, leased, or provided by a private employer that are for the sole use of the driver and are not used by more than one person in the course of employment either as a driver or passenger; privately owned vehicles not otherwise defined as a place of employment or public place; and cabs of motor trucks or truck tractors if no nonsmoking employees are present.
 8. An enclosed area within a place of employment or public place that provides a smoking cessation program or a medical or scientific research or therapy program, if smoking is an integral part of the program.
 9. Farm tractors, farm trucks, and implements of husbandry when being used for their intended purposes.
 10. Only the gaming floor of a premises licensed pursuant to chapter 99F exclusive of any bar or restaurant located within the gaming floor which is an enclosed area and subject to the prohibitions of section 142D.3.
 11. The Iowa veterans home.