Terms Used In Iowa Code 305B.5

  • Claimant: means a person who files a notice of intent to preserve an interest in property on loan to a museum as provided in section 305B. See Iowa Code 305B.2
  • Lender: means a person whose name appears on the records of the museum as the person legally entitled to property held or owing by the museum. See Iowa Code 305B.2
  • Loan: means a deposit of property not accompanied by a transfer of title to the property. See Iowa Code 305B.2
  • Museum: includes , but is not limited to, historical societies, historic sites or landmarks, parks, monuments, and libraries. See Iowa Code 305B.2
  • Property: means a tangible object, animate or inanimate, under a museum's care which has intrinsic historic, artistic, scientific, or cultural value. See Iowa Code 305B.2
  • Rule: includes "regulation". See Iowa Code 4.1
  • Undocumented property: means property in the possession of a museum for which the museum cannot determine by reference to the museum's records the property's owner. See Iowa Code 305B.2
 A museum shall give a lender or claimant prompt notice of any known injury to or loss of property on loan. The department of cultural affairs shall adopt by rule a form for notice of injury or loss, no later than January 1, 1989, and shall distribute the rule and form to all identified museums in Iowa within sixty days after adoption of the rule. The notice shall be mailed to the lender’s or claimant’s last known address in event of injury or loss of property on loan to the museum. Published notice of injury or loss of undocumented property shall not be required.