1. A county medical examiner shall be appointed by the board for a two-year term. The term of office shall commence on the first day in January which is not a Sunday or holiday and continue for two years or until a successor is appointed and qualifies as provided in this section. A vacancy shall be filled by the board for the unexpired term.

Terms Used In Iowa Code 331.801

  • Board: means the board of supervisors of a county. See Iowa Code 331.101
  • person: means individual, corporation, limited liability company, government or governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership or association, or any other legal entity. See Iowa Code 4.1
  • state: when applied to the different parts of the United States, includes the District of Columbia and the territories, and the words "United States" may include the said district and territories. See Iowa Code 4.1
 2. To serve as a county medical examiner a person shall be licensed in this state as a doctor of medicine and surgery, a doctor of osteopathic medicine and surgery, or an osteopathic physician. The medical examiner shall be appointed by the board from lists of two or more names submitted by the medical society and the osteopathic society of the county in which the candidate resides. If names are not submitted by either society, the board may appoint any licensed physician, osteopathic physician and surgeon, or osteopathic physician of the county. If a qualified physician of the county will not serve, the board may appoint a physician from another county. If a county medical examiner is unable to serve in a particular case or for a period of time, the medical examiner shall promptly notify the chairperson of the board who shall designate some other qualified physician to serve temporarily.
 3. The board may provide laboratory facilities, deputy medical examiners, and other professional, technical and clerical assistance as required by the county medical examiner in the performance of official duties. However, the requirements shall be subject to prior approval by the state medical examiner.