Terms Used In Iowa Code 543B.35

  • Licensee: means a broker or a salesperson licensed pursuant to this chapter. See Iowa Code 543B.5
  • Person: means an individual, partnership, association, corporation, professional corporation, or professional limited liability company. See Iowa Code 543B.5
  • real estate: means real property wherever situated, and includes any and all leaseholds or any other interest or estate in land, and business opportunities which involve any interest in real property. See Iowa Code 543B.4
  • Salesperson: means a person who is licensed under, and employed by or otherwise associated with, a real estate broker, as a selling, renting, or listing agent or representative of the broker. See Iowa Code 543B.5
 The real estate commission shall, upon request of the applicant as provided in section 543B.19, or before revoking any license, set the matter down for a hearing and at least twenty days prior to the date set for the hearing it shall notify the applicant or licensee in writing, which said notice shall contain an exact statement of the charges made and the date and place of the hearing. The applicant or licensee at all such hearings shall have the opportunity to be heard in person and by counsel in reference thereto. Such written notice of hearing may be served by delivery personally to the applicant or licensee or by mailing the same by certified mail to the last known business address of such applicant or licensee. If such applicant or licensee be a salesperson, the commission shall also notify the broker employing the salesperson or into whose employ the salesperson is about to enter by mailing such notice by certified mail to the broker’s last known business address. The hearing on such charges shall be at such time and place as the commission shall prescribe.