Terms Used In Iowa Code 543B.6

  • Person: means an individual, partnership, association, corporation, professional corporation, or professional limited liability company. See Iowa Code 543B.5
  • real estate: means real property wherever situated, and includes any and all leaseholds or any other interest or estate in land, and business opportunities which involve any interest in real property. See Iowa Code 543B.4
  • real estate broker: means a person acting for another for a fee, commission, or other compensation or promise, whether it be for all or part of a person's time, and who engages directly or indirectly in any of the following acts:
 1. See Iowa Code 543B.3
  • Salesperson: means a person who is licensed under, and employed by or otherwise associated with, a real estate broker, as a selling, renting, or listing agent or representative of the broker. See Iowa Code 543B.5
  • Transaction: means the sale, exchange, purchase, or rental of, or the granting or acceptance of an option to sell, exchange, purchase, or rent an interest in real estate. See Iowa Code 543B.5
  •  A person who, for another, in consideration of compensation, by fee, commission, salary, or otherwise, or with the intention or in the expectation or upon the promise of receiving or collecting a fee, does, offers or attempts or agrees to do, engages in or offers or attempts or agrees to engage in, either directly or indirectly, any single act or transaction contained in the definition of a real estate broker as set out in section 543B.3, whether the act be an incidental part of a transaction or the entire transaction is a real estate broker or real estate salesperson within the meaning of this chapter.