§ 199.1 Definitions
§ 199.2 Dean of agriculture as advisor
§ 199.3 Labeling of seed
§ 199.4 Sales from bulk
§ 199.5 Hybrid corn
§ 199.6 Inoculant for legumes
§ 199.7 Certified seed
§ 199.8 Prohibited acts
§ 199.9 Exemptions
§ 199.10 Testing methods — cooperation of facilities.
§ 199.11 Authority of the department
§ 199.12 Seizure of unlawful seed
§ 199.13 Penalty
§ 199.13A Local legislation — prohibition.
§ 199.14 Enforcement
§ 199.15 Permit — fee — fraud.
§ 199.16 Permit holder’s bond.
§ 199.17 Records and seed samples

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