It shall be the duty of the joint board of health to elect a treasurer, who shall be a member of such board, for such term as may be agreed upon under the authority of K.S.A. 65-205. The treasurer shall hold office for the term for which he is elected and until his successor is elected and qualified, and shall give bond to be approved by the governing bodies of the contracting municipalities for the safekeeping and due disbursement of all funds that may come into his hands. All money provided for health, mental health, and sanitation purposes by the contracting municipalities shall, when collected, be paid over to the treasurer of said board in an amount not exceeding that budgeted by the municipalities for such purposes. The joint board of health shall have the exclusive control over the expenditure of all moneys paid to the credit of its treasurer for health, mental health, and sanitation purposes, and the treasurer shall receive and pay out all the moneys under the control of said board as ordered by it.