Terms Used In Kansas Statutes 75-1127

  • municipality: means any county, township, city, municipal university, unified school district, library district, improvement district, drainage district, cemetery district, industrial district, irrigation district, park and recreation district, conservation district, extension council, airport or building authority, fire district, lighting district, park district, sewer district, watershed district, community junior college, groundwater management district, rural water district, zoning board, municipal energy agency or intergovernmental or joint agency, including all boards, commissions, committees, bureaus and departments of such municipalities charged with the management or administration of recreation activities, parks, hospitals, libraries, cemeteries, pensions, public improvements or any other public activities maintained or subsidized with public funds and any municipally owned or operated utility, firemen's relief association, or public or quasi-public corporation entitled to receive and hold public moneys pursuant to any provision of state law authorizing such public or quasi-public corporation to collect or receive such public moneys. See Kansas Statutes 75-1117

Boards, commissions, committees, bureaus or departments of a municipality having independent control of the disbursing of funds for their activities shall reimburse the municipality for their part of the cost of any examination or audit made of the municipality pursuant to this act.