Chapter 71 Provisions Relative to All Cities and Towns
Chapter 72 Classification and Consolidation of Cities, Towns and Villages
Chapter 77 Cities of the Third Classification
Chapter 78 Optional Forms, Cities of the Third Classification
Chapter 79 Cities of the Fourth Classification
Chapter 80 Towns and Villages
Chapter 81 Special Charter Cities and Towns
Chapter 82 Constitutional Charter Cities (Home Rule)
Chapter 84 Police Departments in St. Louis and Kansas City
Chapter 85 City Police and Fire Departments Generally
Chapter 86 Police Relief and Pension Systems
Chapter 87 Firefighters’ Retirement and Relief Systems
Chapter 88 Public Works and Special Assessments — Condemnation
Chapter 89 Zoning and Planning
Chapter 90 Parks and Recreation (Cities)
Chapter 91 Municipally Owned Utilities
Chapter 92 Taxation in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Certain Other Cities
Chapter 94 Taxation in Other Cities
Chapter 95 Financial Administration and Indebtedness
Chapter 96 Municipal Health and Welfare
Chapter 98 Courts and Attorneys
Chapter 99 Municipal Housing
Chapter 100 Industrial Development