§ 65-2001 Podiatry act; definitions
§ 65-2002 License required; scope of practice; applicability of act; surgical treatment of the ankle; podiatry interdisciplinary advisory committee
§ 65-2003 Examination for license to practice podiatry; licensure qualifications; license by endorsement; recognized school of podiatry, criteria
§ 65-2004 Nature and scope of examinations; passing grade; fees; reexamination
§ 65-2005 Designation of licensee; expiration and renewal of license; reinstatement of license; temporary permits; temporary licenses; exempt license; display of license or permit; postgraduate permit; inactive license; federally active licensee
§ 65-2006 Suspension, revocation or limitation of licenses and permits; grounds; consent to submit to mental or physical examination implied; professional incompetency and unprofessional conduct defined; hearing procedure
§ 65-2007 Violation of act; penalty
§ 65-2008 Exceptions to operation of act
§ 65-2009 Injunction or ouster for unlawful practice
§ 65-2010 Continuing education
§ 65-2011 Disposition of moneys; healing arts fee fund
§ 65-2012 Fees, establishment within limitations
§ 65-2013 Rules and regulations
§ 65-2014 Citation of act
§ 65-2015 Civil fine for violation of podiatry act
§ 65-2016 Review committee; establishment and appointment; qualifications; expenses