(1) A person is guilty of controlled substance endangerment to a child in the second degree when he or she knowingly causes or permits a child to be present when any person is illegally manufacturing a controlled substance or methamphetamine or possesses a hazardous chemical substance with intent to illegally manufacture a controlled substance or methamphetamine under circumstances that place a child in danger of serious physical injury or death, if the child receives serious physical injury as a result of the commission of the offense.
(2) Controlled substance endangerment to a child in the second degree is a Class B

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes 218A.1442

  • Child: means any person under the age of majority as specified in KRS 2. See Kentucky Statutes 218A.010
  • Hazardous chemical substance: includes any chemical substance used or intended for use in the illegal manufacture of a controlled substance as defined in this section or the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine as defined in KRS 218A. See Kentucky Statutes 218A.010
  • Person: means individual, corporation, government or governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership or association, or any other legal entity. See Kentucky Statutes 218A.010

Effective: June 20, 2005
History: Created 2005 Ky. Acts ch. 150, sec. 3, effective June 20, 2005.