§ 117.001 Definitions for chapter
§ 117.015 State Board of Elections — Powers, duties, membership
§ 117.020 Declaration by state board of county’s status as a preclearance county
§ 117.022 Judicial declaration of existence of election crisis — Effect
§ 117.025 Executive director and assistant director — Staff — Powers and duties
§ 117.027 State board to promulgate record-keeping requirements
§ 117.030 Announcements and signs regarding importance of voting — Notice of illegal acts, penalties, and right to report administrative errors at polling places
§ 117.035 County board of elections — Membership — Appointed members — Meetings — Questions regarding voter registration and proof of identification — Staff
§ 117.045 Precinct election officers — Alternate and emergency appointments — Minors permitted to serve as election officers — Reimbursement
§ 117.055 Division of county into precincts — Maps — Failure of board to perform duty — Coordination of precinct boundary changes with other boundaries
§ 117.0551 Boundaries of precincts
§ 117.0552 Procedure for establishing precincts
§ 117.0553 Review and approval of precinct establishment order — Resubmission of returned orders
§ 117.0554 Request for exemption — Procedure
§ 117.0555 Hearing on returned order believed by county board to be in compliance
§ 117.0556 Information to be supplied to Legislative Research Commission — Opportunity for comment
§ 117.0557 Schedule of actions for compliance with KRS 117.055 and 117.0551
§ 117.056 Maintenance of boundaries of election precincts
§ 117.058 Legislative approval for certain boundary changes
§ 117.065 Establishing voting places for precincts — Change — Expense — Authority to designate as voting places buildings constructed with tax revenues — Voter accessibility — Immediate telephone accessibility
§ 117.066 Single voting location for more than one precinct — Petition to allow consolidation of precincts
§ 117.076 No-excuse in-person absentee ballot — Excused in-person absentee ballot — Proof of identification — In-person absentee voting procedure — Voter assistance form — Oath of voter affidavit — Signature roster — Members of county board may serve a
§ 117.077 Absentee ballot for medical emergencies
§ 117.079 Administrative regulations for absentee voting by military and overseas voters
§ 117.085 Mail-in absentee ballots — Application through online portal and other means — Procedures — Cancellation — Administrative regulations — Disclosure of information
§ 117.0851 Tabulation of absentee ballots and federal provisional absentee ballots
§ 117.086 Return of absentee ballot — Secure drop-boxes and receptacles — Locked ballot box — Clerk’s duty to keep separate lists for votes cast by mail-in absentee ballot, by excused and no-excuse in-person voting, and by federal provisional in-person abs
§ 117.0861 Persons who may exercise control over mail-in absentee ballots
§ 117.0863 Assistance in voting by absentee ballot — Form required of voter and assistant
§ 117.0865 Prohibition against influencing voter completing an absentee ballot or a federal provisional absentee ballot — Penalty
§ 117.087 Challenge of a mail-in absentee ballot — Processing and review of absentee ballots — Counting procedure — Limitation on publicizing partial results
§ 117.088 Pilot program for unassisted voting by blind and visually impaired persons
§ 117.105 Purchase or lease of voting systems
§ 117.115 Power to select type and make of voting system or e-poll book product
§ 117.125 Specifications and features required for approval
§ 117.135 Custody and security of voting equipment
§ 117.145 Preparation of ballot labels, absentee ballots, voter affirmations, election official affirmations, federal provisional ballots, and paper ballots — Provision for write-in votes
§ 117.155 Duties of county clerk relating to voting equipment
§ 117.165 Examination of voting equipment by county board — Approval — Who may be present during examination
§ 117.175 Instruction cards
§ 117.187 Training by State Board of Elections regarding election laws for state and county officials — Training and compensation by county board of elections for election officers and certified challengers
§ 117.195 Delivery of equipment to clerks — Arrangement in voting place — Voting supplies — County clerk to take receipt and retain keys to all ballot boxes and ballot receptacles
§ 117.205 Examination by election officers — Correction of defects — Reserve voting equipment
§ 117.215 Procedure when equipment no longer operates during election — Counting of votes — Backup voting equipment or paper ballots for emergency use
§ 117.225 When proof of voter’s identification is required — Voter’s signature — Use of original registration forms to compare signature — Voting supplemental paper ballot
§ 117.227 Confirmation of voter’s identity
§ 117.228 Procedure for casting ballot if voter is unable to provide proof of identification
§ 117.229 Casting of provisional ballot in election for federal office if voter is unable to provide proof of identification
§ 117.235 Persons permitted in voting room — Electioneering and prohibited activities — Maintenance of order — Mock elections for school children — Display of political campaign signs on private property
§ 117.236 Prohibition against recording identity of voters — Exception, state-approved signature roster
§ 117.237 Request for Department of Kentucky State Police to patrol voting precinct during polling hours and investigate reported violations — Reports to prosecutors
§ 117.245 Procedure when voter’s right to vote disputed
§ 117.255 Instruction of voters — Voters requiring assistance — Manner of voting — Report of violations
§ 117.265 Write-in votes — Requirements — Persons ineligible to be write-in candidate — Certified lists of qualified candidates
§ 117.275 Counting and certification of votes — Locking and sealing of equipment — Return sheets — Transmission of records — Return of keys and equipment — Return of ballot boxes, federal provisional ballot receptacle, supplemental paper ballot box, ball
§ 117.295 Period during which voting equipment is to remain locked — Video surveillance — Examination — Custody of keys
§ 117.305 Recanvass of votes — Discrepancy or written request — Statistics sufficient to compel recanvass — Returns — Forms for reporting recanvassed vote — Administrative regulations for recanvass procedures
§ 117.315 Appointment of challengers and inspectors
§ 117.316 Duties of challenger
§ 117.317 Acts prohibited to challengers
§ 117.318 Ordering of challengers from polling places
§ 117.343 Reimbursement of county clerk by state board for certain election related expenses — Submission of claims
§ 117.345 Cost of elections — Payment
§ 117.355 Election reports to be made by the precinct election sheriff and county board of elections — Contents
§ 117.365 Presentation of voter assistance forms, all voter and election official affirmations, and absentee ballot applications by county clerk to grand jury — Certified photocopies
§ 117.377 Acquisition or abandonment of voting equipment or voting system subject to approval of State Board of Elections — Petition in emergency situation
§ 117.379 Examination of voting system or e-poll book product by State Board of Elections
§ 117.383 Administrative regulations relating to voting
§ 117.385 Spoiled or defaced ballot
§ 117.389 Testing of automatic tabulating equipment prior to election
§ 117.391 Application
§ 117.393 Biennial report on status of voting equipment and systems
§ 117.900 Election essay and slogan contests — Private sponsorship
§ 117.995 Penalties

Terms Used In Kentucky Statutes > Chapter 117 - Regulation of Elections

  • Audit log: means a detailed record of all actions and events that have occurred on the voting system, including:
    (a) Log-in attempts with username and time stamp. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Automatic tabulating equipment: means apparatus necessary to automatically examine and count votes as designated on ballots and data processing machines which can be used for counting ballots and tabulating results. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Ballot box: means any box, bag, or other container that can be locked, sealed, or otherwise rendered tamper-resistant, for receiving ballots. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • ballot completion area: means an area in which a voter casts his or her vote or completes his or her ballot which is designed to ensure the secrecy of the vote. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Ballot marking device: means any approved device for marking a ballot which will enable the ballot to be tabulated manually or by means of automatic tabulating equipment. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • E-poll book: means an electronic device capable of holding a file of voter data and related information for use in identifying registered voters prior to a voter's receiving or casting a ballot, and allowing a voter to electronically sign in on an electronic registered voter roster in lieu of signing a paper registered voter roster. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • elections: means any primary, regular election, or special election. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • federal provisional absentee ballot: means ballots which have been authorized by the Secretary of State or the county clerk to be used by federal provisional voters in any federal primary or election. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Federal provisional voter: means a person:
    (a) Who does not appear to be registered to vote. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Fraud: Intentional deception resulting in injury to another.
  • Grand jury: agreement providing that a lender will delay exercising its rights (in the case of a mortgage,
  • Lease: A contract transferring the use of property or occupancy of land, space, structures, or equipment in consideration of a payment (e.g., rent). Source: OCC
  • Precedent: A court decision in an earlier case with facts and law similar to a dispute currently before a court. Precedent will ordinarily govern the decision of a later similar case, unless a party can show that it was wrongly decided or that it differed in some significant way.
  • Proof of identification: means a document that was issued by:
    (a) The United States or the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the document contains:
    1. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Regular election: means the election in even-numbered years at which members of Congress are elected and the election in odd-numbered years at which state officers are elected. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Risk-limiting audit: means an audit protocol that makes use of statistical principles and methods and is designed to limit to acceptable levels the risk of certifying a preliminary election outcome that constitutes an incorrect outcome. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • secrecy envelope: means the envelope provided to the voter
    with a ballot into which the voter shall place his or her voted ballot. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
  • Summons: Another word for subpoena used by the criminal justice system.
  • Vacancy in office: or any equivalent phrase, means such as exists when there is an unexpired part of a term of office without a lawful incumbent therein, or when the person elected or appointed to an office fails to qualify according to law, or when there has been no election to fill the office at the time appointed by law. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Violate: includes failure to comply with. See Kentucky Statutes 446.010
  • Vote center: means a consolidated precinct of the county. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Voter-verified paper audit trail: means a contemporaneous paper record of a ballot printed for the voter to confirm his or her votes before the voter casts his or her ballot that:
    (a) Allows the voter to verify the voter's ballot choices before the casting of the voter's ballot. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Voting equipment: means any physical component of a voting system and includes voting machines where voting machines are in operation. See Kentucky Statutes 117.001
  • Writ: A formal written command, issued from the court, requiring the performance of a specific act.