A.(1)  Every secondhand dealer licensed under the provisions of this Part shall make out and deliver to the chief of police of the city or town or to the sheriff of the parish in which he is doing business, every day before the hour of twelve noon, a legible and correct copy of the entries in the book mentioned in R.S. 37:1864 during the previous day.  The means for providing the transactional information required  under this Section shall be by electronic transmission.

(2)  The appropriate law enforcement official may, for purposes of an investigation of a crime relating to a particular secondhand transaction, request the secondhand dealer to mail or fax such official the personally identifiable information relating to such transaction under investigation.  The secondhand dealer shall deliver the personally identifiable information relating to the identified transaction to the appropriate law enforcement official within twenty-four hours of the request.

B.  The secondhand dealer shall have the responsibility of tendering the information provided for in Subsection A of this Section regardless of its use or nonuse by the chief of police in the city or town in which he is doing business or, alternatively, to the sheriff of the parish in which he is doing business.  The tender of this information is a courtesy mandated by state law and which provides a benefit to the general public.  The chief of police or sheriff shall not be mandated to take any particular action concerning the information tendered.

Acts 2010, No. 918, §1; Acts 2011, No. 142, §1.