Agents of licensees shall hold in trust from the moment of receipt the proceeds of a sale or delivery of the licensees’ checks or money collected for transmittal.  An agent may not commingle the proceeds with his own property or funds, except to use the funds in the ordinary course of its business for the purpose of making change.  If any agent of a licensee commingles any proceeds received from the sale of checks issued or money transmitted by the licensee with any other funds or property owned or controlled by the agent, all commingled proceeds and other property shall be considered held in trust in favor of the licensee in an amount equal to the amount of the proceeds due the licensee from the sale of checks or money transmitted less the amount due the agent from the sale or transmission.  In the event that a licensee’s license is revoked by the commissioner pursuant to R.S. 6:1039, all proceeds then held in trust by agents of that licensee shall be deemed to have been assigned to the commissioner.

Acts 1989, No. 401, §2, eff. June 30, 1989; Acts 2001, No. 586, §1, eff. June 22, 2001.