Terms Used In Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:2800.65

  • Damages: Money paid by defendants to successful plaintiffs in civil cases to compensate the plaintiffs for their injuries.
  • Indemnification: In general, a collateral contract or assurance under which one person agrees to secure another person against either anticipated financial losses or potential adverse legal consequences. Source: FDIC
  • Obligation: An order placed, contract awarded, service received, or similar transaction during a given period that will require payments during the same or a future period.

A.  A third party shall not pay damages awarded under this Chapter or provide a defense or the cost of a defense, on behalf of an insured under an obligation of insurance or indemnification.

B.  A cause of action authorized by this Chapter shall not be assigned, either expressly, by subrogation, or by any other means, directly or indirectly, to any public or publicly funded agency or institution.

Acts 1997, No. 719, §1.