§ 34:3158 Creation of commission; membership; qualifications; tenure
§ 34:3159 Officers of the board; meetings; quorum
§ 34:3160 Rights and powers of commission
§ 34:3161 Special taxes; assessment; collection
§ 34:3162 Authority to issue bonds; contesting regularity of issuance; sale of bonds
§ 34:3162.1 General obligation bonds
§ 34:3162.2 Limited tax bonds
§ 34:3162.3 Borrowing in anticipation of regular revenues
§ 34:3163 Right of expropriation
§ 34:3164 Advertisement; R.S. 43:111 not to apply
§ 34:3165 Transitional

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  • Bonds: means any debt obligations issued by any governmental unit, as hereinafter defined, and shall include, but not by way of limitation, the following: bonds, refunding bonds, notes, and certificates payable from and secured by (a) ad valorem and other taxes, (b) other revenues from whatever source derived, and (c) local or special assessments. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:153