§ 46:2751 Juvenile Justice Reform Act Implementation Commission; creation; composition; duties
§ 46:2752 Rules; meetings; officers
§ 46:2753 Compensation; receipt and expenditure of funds
§ 46:2754 Commission authority generally; staff services; state agency assistance
§ 46:2755 Powers and duties
§ 46:2756 Reports; recommendations

Terms Used In Louisiana Laws > Revised Statutes > Title 46 > Chapter 59

  • Federal funds: means any financial assistance made to a state agency by the United States government, whether a loan, grant, subsidy, augmentation, reimbursement, or in any other form except for federal pass through funds to local governments and organizations which do not require additional state matching funds and except for grants for research, instruction, training programs, or other scholarly activities to colleges and universities. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 39:132
  • State agency: means all state offices, departments, divisions, boards, commissions, councils, committees, state colleges or universities, or other entities of the executive branch, offices and entities of the judicial branch, and offices and entities of the legislative branch of state government. See Louisiana Revised Statutes 39:132