Terms Used In Maine Revised Statutes Title 22 Sec. 773

The division is the lead agency having primary responsibility for programs related to radon and associated radiological concerns. The division shall register firms, including listed facilities, and individuals who test for the presence of radon or associated radiological concerns or who provide consulting, construction or other remedial services for reducing the levels of radon or associated radiological concerns. The division may facilitate functions including, but not limited to, education, funding, liaison, technology transfer and training with the United States Environmental Protection Agency or other federal or state agencies. The division also serves as an information clearinghouse for radon and associated radiological concerns by maintaining records and disseminating information to educate the public about radon, describing technical assistance programs and interpreting test results as appropriate.   [PL 1989, c. 657, §1 (NEW).]

PL 1989, c. 657, §1 (NEW).