§ 1 Definitions
§ 2 Jurisdiction
§ 3 Filing of complaint; impounding of case record information; filing fee; expiration of order; modification of order; time for filing; nonexclusivity of remedy
§ 4 Notice of nature of proceedings and availability of other criminal proceedings
§ 5 Temporary orders
§ 6 Granting of relief without the filing of a complaint
§ 7 Enforcement of protection order issued by another jurisdiction
§ 8 Law officer emergency response to prevent further abuse or harassment
§ 9 Review and filing of records within court activity record information system and statewide domestic violence recordkeeping system; execution of outstanding warrants; service upon defendant; order for payment of damages
§ 10 Confidentiality of records
§ 11 Adoption of suitable form of complaint
§ 12 Assessment against persons referred to a treatment program as condition of probation