§ 19.2-152.7:1 Definitions
§ 19.2-152.8 Emergency protective orders authorized
§ 19.2-152.9 Preliminary protective orders
§ 19.2-152.10 Protective order
§ 19.2-152.11 Venue for protective orders
§ 19.2-152.12 Compensation for required representation of respondents

Terms Used In Virginia Code > Title 19.2 > Chapter 9.1

  • Board: means the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board. See Virginia Code 10.1-500
  • Court: means any court vested with appropriate jurisdiction under the Constitution and laws of the Commonwealth. See Virginia Code 10.1-114
  • Department: means the Department of Conservation and Recreation. See Virginia Code 10.1-100
  • Judge: means any judge, associate judge or substitute judge of any court or any magistrate. See Virginia Code 10.1-114
  • Person: shall include individuals, a trust, an estate, a partnership, an association, an order, a corporation, or any other legal or commercial entity;

    6. See Virginia Code 2.2-4311.1

  • sworn: means "affirm" or "affirmed. See Virginia Code 2.2-1143