§ 1 Definitions
§ 2 Industrial Development Financing Authority; creation; consolidated authorities; dissolution
§ 3 Board of directors of authority; appointment; terms
§ 4 Removal of directors; interested directors
§ 5 Officers; oaths; records of proceedings; quorum; trade secrets; property and business of authority
§ 6 Compensation and expenses of directors
§ 7 Powers of municipalities
§ 8 Financing documents; excess payments
§ 9 Borrowing money and issuance of bonds; trust agreements
§ 10 Requisites for issuance and status of bonds
§ 11 Proceeds of bonds
§ 12 Issuance of bonds; conditions
§ 13 Deposit of proceeds from bonds
§ 14 Rentals and moneys payable under lease; payment to trustee under trust agreement for repayment of bonds; pledges; trust agreements
§ 15 Trust funds
§ 16 Bondholders remedies
§ 17 Revenue refunding bonds
§ 18 Deposit of funds; reports and financial statements; audits
§ 19 Appropriations
§ 20 Exemption from taxation; leased property
§ 21 Solid waste disposal facilities; financing authorities; organization; consolidation and dissolution; bonds; contracts; production and sale of steam as a by-product; applicable laws; government grants or loans
§ 22 Pollution control facilities; financing; findings; financing authority; applicable laws
§ 23 Pollution control, cogeneration, and small power production facilities; grants or loans

Terms Used In Massachusetts General Laws > Chapter 40D

  • Construction: means and includes both construction and acquisition and the term "to construct" means and includes both to construct and to acquire. See Massachusetts General Laws ch. 40D sec. 1
  • Improvement: includes reconstruction, remodeling, rehabilitation, extension, enlargement and "to improve" includes to reconstruct, to remodel, to rehabilitate, to extend, to enlarge and to improve. See Massachusetts General Laws ch. 40D sec. 1
  • Interests: includes any form of membership in a domestic or foreign nonprofit corporation. See Massachusetts General Laws ch. 156D sec. 11.01
  • User: means one or more persons acting as lessee, purchaser, mortgagor or borrower under a financing document and may include a party who transfers the right of use and occupancy to another party by lease, sublease or otherwise. See Massachusetts General Laws ch. 40D sec. 1