Chapter 39 Municipal Government
Chapter 40 Powers and Duties of Cities and Towns
Chapter 40A Zoning
Chapter 40B Regional Planning
Chapter 40C Historic Districts
Chapter 40D Industrial Development of Cities and Towns
Chapter 40G Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation
Chapter 40H Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation
Chapter 40J Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation
Chapter 40L Agricultural Incentive Areas
Chapter 40M Governmental Units Pooled Insurance
Chapter 40N Model Water and Sewer Commission
Chapter 40O Business Improvement Districts
Chapter 40P The Massachusetts Rent Control Prohibition Act
Chapter 40Q District Improvement Financing
Chapter 40R Smart Growth Zoning and Housing Production
Chapter 40S Smart Growth School Cost Reimbursement
Chapter 40T Publicly-Assisted Affordable Housing
Chapter 40U Municipal Fines
Chapter 40V Housing Development Incentive Program
Chapter 40W Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation
Chapter 41 Officers and Employees of Cities, Towns and Districts
Chapter 42 Boundaries of Cities and Towns
Chapter 43 City Charters
Chapter 43A Standard Form of Representative Town Meeting Government
Chapter 43B Home Rule Procedures
Chapter 43C Optional Forms of Municipal Administration Act
Chapter 43D Expedited Permitting
Chapter 43E Expedited State Permitting
Chapter 44 Municipal Finance
Chapter 44A Qualified Bond Act
Chapter 44B Community Preservation
Chapter 45 Public Parks, Playgrounds and the Public Domain
Chapter 46 Return and Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths
Chapter 47 Infirmaries
Chapter 48 Fires, Fire Departments and Fire Districts
Chapter 49 Fences, Fence Viewers, Pounds and Field Drivers