Terms Used In Michigan Laws 3.227

  • Agreement: shall mean "contract" and shall include renewals and alterations of a contract. See Michigan Laws 3.221
  • Political subdivision: shall mean any agency or unit of this state which now is, or hereafter shall be, authorized to levy taxes or empowered to cause taxes to be levied. See Michigan Laws 3.221
  • Project: shall mean any resettlement project or rural rehabilitation project for resettlement purposes of the United States located within a political subdivision, and shall include the persons inhabiting such project. See Michigan Laws 3.221
  • Real property: Land, and all immovable fixtures erected on, growing on, or affixed to the land.
  • Services: shall mean such public and municipal functions as are performed for property in, and for persons residing within, a political subdivision. See Michigan Laws 3.221

The amount of any payment of sums in lieu of taxes may be based on the estimated cost to each political subdivision, for and on whose behalf an agreement is entered into, of performing services for the benefit of a project during the period of an agreement, after taking into consideration the benefits to be derived by each political subdivision from such project, but shall not be in excess of the taxes which would result to each political subdivision for said period if the real property of the project within each political subdivision were taxable.