Terms Used In Michigan Laws 446.210

  • Pawnbroker: means a person, corporation, or member, or members of a copartnership or firm, who loans money on deposit, or pledge of personal property, or other valuable thing, other than securities or printed evidence of indebtedness, or who deals in the purchasing of personal property or other valuable thing on condition of selling the same back again at a stipulated price. See Michigan Laws 446.203
  (1) Subject to section 12, title to an item that is pledged or pawned vests in the pawnbroker 90 days after the pledge or pawn, or after the expiration of any longer period agreed to by the parties, if the borrower has not paid the debt, interest, and charges on the item that was pledged or pawned.
  (2) Subject to section 12, a pawnbroker shall not sell any item that was pledged or pawned until the item has remained in the pawnbroker’s possession for at least 90 days.