§ 791.221 Bureau of probation; creation; supervision
§ 791.222 Probation officers; appointment, supervision, and removal; grounds for removal of probation employee; receipt of compensation, gift, or gratuity as misdemeanor; powers and duties of commission
§ 791.223 Assistant director as administrative head; powers and duties; forms for reports by probation officers
§ 791.223a Probation personnel as members of state classified civil service; compensation of county probation employees; plan; rents, contractual services, supplies, materials, and equipment
§ 791.225 Probation service; compensation of probation officers; service grants
§ 791.225a Supervision fees; collection; records; payment; waiver; determination; allocation of money collected for other obligations; administrative costs; enhanced services; unpaid amounts
§ 791.228 Information on juvenile probationers; assistance; free access to books, records, files, and documents
§ 791.229 Privileged or confidential communications; access to records, reports, and case histories; confidential relationship inviolate
§ 791.230a Exemptions from disclosure under freedom of information act