§ 263.010 Title of law
§ 263.020 Definitions
§ 263.030 Appointment of state entomologist — qualifications — employees
§ 263.040 Rules and regulations
§ 263.050 Inspection, enforce quarantine regulations — power to call meetings — ..
§ 263.060 Right of entry
§ 263.070 Inspection fees — nurseries and nursery dealers registration inspection ..
§ 263.080 Plant pests, control, noncomplying owner, action by inspectors — lien for ..
§ 263.100 Shipping tag to show what
§ 263.110 Inspection of plants before sale or shipment — fees — exceptions
§ 263.130 Establishment of quarantine — rules and regulations
§ 263.140 Restrictive and control measures — adoption and enforcement
§ 263.145 Plant disease and insect inspection — confiscation and destruction — ..
§ 263.150 Review of order granted, when — rules, procedure
§ 263.180 Penalty
§ 263.190 Owners to control noxious weeds — notice procedure — penalty — sale of ..
§ 263.200 County commission duties to control noxious weeds, official immunity, ..
§ 263.220 Duty of prosecuting attorney
§ 263.240 Penalty for violation
§ 263.243 State agency purchasing seed from nondomestic source containing noxious ..
§ 263.245 Brush adjacent to county roads, to be removed subject to voter approval, ..
§ 263.247 Brush control, county option, certain counties — election to discontinue ..
§ 263.250 Marijuana plant to be destroyed — county commission to destroy, when
§ 263.255 County election on enforcement of Johnson grass control law, notice, ..
§ 263.257 Director of agriculture to exterminate Johnson grass, when — county weed ..
§ 263.259 Duties of state director of agriculture — inspection by county weed control ..
§ 263.261 Duties of public utilities and government agencies as to Johnson grass
§ 263.262 Johnson grass declared nuisance, where — abatement
§ 263.265 Tax for control of Johnson grass — state transportation department to pay costs
§ 263.266 Approved eradication methods to be followed
§ 263.267 County’s classification as Johnson grass extermination area terminated, how
§ 263.452 Declaration of commission, when — election, procedure
§ 263.454 Declaration as noxious weed control area, notice, duties of property owners ..
§ 263.456 Duties of county weed control board — director of agriculture to cooperate ..
§ 263.458 Public utilities, department of transportation, department of natural ..
§ 263.460 Noxious weeds as public nuisance — action to enjoin nuisance, venue, ..
§ 263.462 Tax may be assessed by county commission, township board and special road ..
§ 263.464 Chemicals and biological agents, approval of required
§ 263.466 Termination of classification as noxious weed control area
§ 263.468 County noxious weed fund may be established — program required — funding — ..
§ 263.470 Prohibition, Johnson grass extermination area
§ 263.472 Conversion of Johnson grass extermination area to noxious weed control ..
§ 263.474 Public and private standards of control
§ 263.500 Law, how cited
§ 263.503 Definitions
§ 263.505 Rules, authority for — procedure to adopt, suspend and revoke
§ 263.507 Department of agriculture — powers and duties
§ 263.509 Director’s right to enter premises to eradicate and inspect, requirements — ..
§ 263.512 Cotton growers to furnish department with size and location of all cotton ..
§ 263.515 Quarantined areas, authority from regulations by department — articles from ..
§ 263.517 Eradication zones established, authority for — regulations — publication of ..
§ 263.520 Eradication zones, authority of department to treat with pesticides or ..
§ 263.523 Cotton growers’ organization, certification by department, requirements — ..
§ 263.525 Certification of organization — purpose — revocation, when
§ 263.527 Regional referendum on assessment for costs of eradication — assessment ..
§ 263.529 Referendum under direction of organization — expenses, how paid
§ 263.531 Referendum defeated — organization may call other referendums — assessment ..
§ 263.534 Failure to pay assessment, penalties and interest — lien also authorized on ..
§ 263.537 Boll weevil suppression and eradication fund established, purpose — ..

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  • Injunction: An order of the court prohibiting (or compelling) the performance of a specific act to prevent irreparable damage or injury.
  • Joint committee: Committees including membership from both houses of teh legislature. Joint committees are usually established with narrow jurisdictions and normally lack authority to report legislation.
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
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