§ 322.010 Definitions
§ 322.020 Dogs prohibited from running at large, when
§ 322.030 Duty of owner or person in charge to kill dog or have immunized
§ 322.040 Quarantine order to be issued by mayor — to be published and posted.
§ 322.050 County commission or presiding commissioner empowered to act
§ 322.060 Duty of officials to kill dogs — exceptions.
§ 322.070 Expenses to be paid, how — fees.
§ 322.080 Violation of law a misdemeanor — penalty.
§ 322.090 County commission empowered to adopt rules and regulations
§ 322.100 County health commissioner shall prepare regulations and hold hearing
§ 322.110 Law not applicable to municipalities, when
§ 322.120 Applicability of law (Cass, Clay, Cole, Franklin, Lincoln, and St. Francois ..
§ 322.125 Control of dogs in certain counties, how adopted
§ 322.130 Penalty for violation
§ 322.140 Animal bite, report to county health department in absence of county rules ..
§ 322.145 Liability of owner for animal bite

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