§ 353.010 Citation of chapter
§ 353.020 Definitions
§ 353.030 Organization of corporation — contents of articles of agreement.
§ 353.040 Life insurance company operating as urban redevelopment corporation — …
§ 353.050 Use of word “redevelopment” prohibited — exceptions.
§ 353.060 Urban redevelopment corporation may operate one or more development ..
§ 353.070 General corporation laws unless conflicting apply
§ 353.080 Notice of meetings to holders of income debentures
§ 353.090 Maintain reserves for specific purposes
§ 353.100 When corporation may pay interest on its income debentures or dividends on ..
§ 353.110 Real property exempt from taxation — limitation.
§ 353.120 Transfer by fiduciaries and public agencies of real property to a ..
§ 353.130 Redevelopment corporation may acquire property
§ 353.140 Occupancy of property acquired by corporation by previous owners — conditions.
§ 353.150 Borrowing of money and giving of security by corporation
§ 353.160 May accept grants or loans from the United States government
§ 353.170 City may acquire, clear, convey or lease property for use in redevelopment ..
§ 353.180 Any corporation may purchase shares of stock of urban redevelopment ..
§ 353.190 Real property tax abatement not to apply, excursion gambling boats

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